Technology Transfer

Industrial Collaboration and Technology Transfer

The forest industrial sector plays a key role in the Swedish economy. In spite of its small size, Sweden is a “superpower” among forest products industries, but in recent years pulp and paper industries have undergone major restructuring and global consolidation. Furthermore, the traditional production of pulp and paper is gradually moving to countries with cheaper production and fast-growing trees. In order to continue to benefit from the industrial excellence and vast natural resources, Biomime™ will strive to lay the basis for renewing forest industrial research and development beyond the traditional product areas.

Biomime™ will transfer technology by creating value chains also towards other relevant industrial sectors. Biomime™ board includes industrial expertise, and works actively to establish an effective communication strategy for industrial dissemination of the technology developed.

Innventia in an important channel towards pulp and paper industrial R&D, and will act as a validation platform for technology developed by Biomime™. Umeå Plant Science Center (UPSC) with its associated Centers of Excellence facilitates communication with and technology transfer to forest and seedling industries. Close links with SweTree Technologies creates opportunities for efficient commercializing of innovations from Biomime™.

Biomime™ scientists also participate in several other Research Networks and Centers such as Funcfiber, BiMaC-Innovation and Wallenberg Wood Science Center.